Friday, 23 November 2012

Edison Blue

Yesterday I mentioned the glacial progress of Elsie Smith Vampyre Hunter.
Well, the book I wrote after Elsie Smith, titled Edison Blue, is out. Or nearly out. It’s certainly in the pipeline. You will be able to get it on Amazon, both as a real, solid book made out of bits of paper stuck together, or on your Kindle. (Link.)
The print version is thanks to CreateSpace, who offer one of the cheapest ways to make a “real” book available. This is because they charge you nothing until you buy a proof copy. You can purchase a bunch of services from them, but you don’t have to if you’re willing to persevere with formatting your MS and getting a cover from somewhere.

How Edison Blue came about:
About three years ago, my children and I brainstormed ideas for a book, my intention being to use every single darn thing we came up with. We brainstormed: a kid who turns blue, time travel, robots, magic, a smartphone, a dragon, musketeers, aliens, goblins, paladins, mind control, Armageddon, and school.
(Incidentally, I failed to fit everything on the list into the book. The dragon got written out of the final version of the ending. He was there in a draft, but he just didn’t fit, so he had to go. Maybe in the sequel…)

Here is the blurb:
It’s the End of the World as we know it.
Edison Hawthorne is about to be vaporised in a hail of reality-fracturing missiles launched by a mysterious alien known only as The Entity.
Edison’s one chance of survival lies in a large, hi-tech egg built by his mother, an inventor.
The egg does its job. Edison survives the destruction of his city. But when he wakes up, the world has gone insane.
Humanity has been bombed back to the Stone Age.
People are unaware of the concept of chocolate.
Edison is as blue as a peacock.
And his phone thinks it is as human as he is, and no longer wants to be his slave…

Kindle version cover (for which thanks for assistance go to Adrian):

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