Thursday, 8 September 2011

Publishing on Kindle

Knowing how astute you are, dear reader, you will have noticed that I have been quite quiet about Elsie Smith recently. I have hitherto had no luck with the MS, which could mean one of two things. Either the MS is BS, or else getting your MS off the slush pile is just plain hard even if it's actually quite good. The slush piles of the world would, after all, stacked on top of each other, probably be taller than the Petermann glacier (see above). They would then be frozen solid and buried for ever, or something, unless global warming slowly thaws them out, at which point a harrassed junior agent would run screaming for the hills.

Stubborn enough to highly rate my own work, I thought I'd float it out there on the Kindle.

This seems like a good idea, what with the Kindle being an all-round marvellous device, and with the mighty Amazon hosting your work gratis (they take a cut if you ever sell anything, of course).

Although the chance of significant sales is a small one, you never know. Too, this is an education, and one which, in the posts that follow (or precede, if you're reading this in the future), I'll be sharing.

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