Thursday, 11 February 2010

Freerice results

Results from recent Freerice experiment, where I "donated" 1000 grains of rice a day for ten days to see whether my vocabulary improved. Here are the best levels I obtained in the sequence:

Thursday 21st 51
Friday 52
Saturday not tested
Sunday 50
Monday 51
Tuesday 52
Wednesday 53
Thursday 51
Friday 51
Saturday 51
Sunday 52

No obvious trend. Have I consciously learned any new words? The only two that spring to mind after a fallow period are:

i)Cenote (a sinkhole)

ii)Ceruse (skin whitener containing lead)

It is tricky to improve your level, even if you know most of the words - every time you get one wrong, you drop down a level. To go UP a level, you have to get three right in a row. So if reaching level fifty you get three right, you go to level 51. Two more correct and you're still on 51. One wrong and you're back to 50. So, in essence, you need to get more than 5 right for every 1 wrong. Quite tricky.

My next challenge will be to donate one day's worth of rice (20,000 grains). That will be 2,000 correct answers (I usually do 100). Not sure when this will happen but it will, soon.

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